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Security System - Fire Alarm

A Smoke Detector with Horse Radish Smell Especially for Deaf People


Fire Alarm for Deaf PeopleA newly invented fire alarm wakes up the people with the pungent smell of the spicy green horseradish Wasabi.


Wasabi is a Japanese green horseradish, which is typically eaten with Sushi and Sashimi.


When the smoke detector detects smoke, the alarm sprays out an electronically made pungent smell of Wasabi to wake up the people, without making a conventional noise. This will save the lives of deaf people.


According to the Fire Research Center, 68% of the deaf people feel fear of the fire because of the disability especially when they are sleeping.


fire alarm processOur joint research with Shiga University of Medical Science has proved that the pungent smell of Wasabi will wake up the people sleeping. Also a doctor confirms the smell does not influence a human body.




Great Idea for:

- Hospital

- Nursing Home for the aged

- Hotel

- Home


REUTERS NEWS(Mar 17, 2008)

Wasabi fire alarm a lifesaver for the deaf



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